This award ceremony is a humble attempt of The Daily Star to recognise all the deserving examinees who have shown great determination and resilience to come this far and have made Bangladesh proud at the world stage with their outstanding results.

Amidst the fast changing dynamics of the world, young students indeed face numerous challenges. The O & A Level examinations might just be one of those and rightfully so. While we commend their perseverance, we must also encourage them to nurture those qualities for there will be many more hurdles in each new step in life. However, the triumph is all the more enjoyable after passing each hurdle.

To the young awardees, our future, the nation’s future, are in your hands and just like you have made us proud with your extraordinary academic feat, we are hopeful that this pride will sustain as you build our nation into a more prosperous one.

I also want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to the parents, principals and teachers for their relentless support and guidance in ensuring all-round proper development of the students. We also thank our event partners for their support in recognising our youths’ accomplishments.

I assure you we will continue to honour and encourage the young minds to run the tracks and bring home more glory. This is our solemn duty to shape our future by supporting the future leaders of our country in their noble venture.

Mahfuz Anam
Editor & Publisher
The Daily Star